In our range of products, you can find high-quality hygiene products.


In public establishments as well as the workplace, hygienic cleanliness is incredibly important, so that guests, patients and employees all feel well. That is especially true for washrooms and toilets.
Whether it is paper towels, toilet rolls, soap, room fragrance or rubbish bins - hygiene products and washroom items from ensure that your sanitary facilities always remain clean.
Soap for hygienically clean hands

Hands do not become really clean with water alone. Our foaming soaps and liquid soaps remove dirt and germs from the skin and, thanks to their skin-friendly qualities, are also suitable for frequent hand washing.
You can also comfortably order the right soap dispenser online at Our soap dispensers are easy to refill, have low maintenance costs and function reliably and drip-free. For washrooms in hospitals, medical practices or other locations with especially high hygienic demands, we recommend soap dispensers with a practical arm lever. In doing so, washroom hygiene is always guaranteed.
High-absorbency folded paper towels and cotton roller towels
After thoroughly cleaning your hands, you also want to dry them in a pleasant and hygienic way. Our cotton roller towels and folded paper towels do not win you over just through their high absorbency, but also with their tear-resistant, soft characteristics.
The towel dispensers from our online shop guarantee the smooth removal of towels and optimal hygiene, because when the hands are being dried, only one’s own towel is touched. The robust towel dispenser is easy to refill and, thanks to its streamlined design, is especially space-saving.
For the disposal of the paper towels, at, you can also find rubbish bins in the appropriate design which you can either use free-standing or attached to the washroom wall. With us, you can always find the appropriate hygiene products. Simply click through our range of products and discover the variety of our product world.

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The benefits at a glance:
- In our online shop, you can find hygiene products that you can perfectly implement in every sanitary facility. This way, you guarantee hygienic cleanliness for everyday.
- Washroom hygiene is very important. With our help, you can have perfect hygiene throughout the whole year. By planning with us, you always have complete control over the availability of the items.
- In our online shop, in addition to hygiene items, you can also find further decorative items. You can use these in order to decorate the sanitary facilities in a classy way.

If you have questions on our products, contact our service employees. We would be happy to personally advise you and help you to find individual solutions. Simply click through our range of products.