Luxury for every day: napkins

Autumn napkins collection

It was just summer, full of sunshine and freedom, and then it’s autumn again. But don’t worry; the autumn is just as beautiful as the summer and all of the other seasons. And of course, there is also the right Duni collection for the fall that helps your guests feel like they’re at home.

The autumn is especially attractive from a decoration perspective: berries and fruits, the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves, mature sheaves of wheat... All of that demands to be used for table decoration. Combine the beauty of the season with Duni products’ high-quality materials and your table decoration will excite your guests!

While the leaves blow around the houses in the October wind, in your seating area, the warm colours on the tablecloths, placemats and napkins reigns. Deep, natural colours perfectly match high-quality porcelain, spotlessly clean glasses and shining cutlery. Maybe you also have typical autumn dishes on the menu, like with pumpkin, game and root vegetables, fresh from the market – that also fits the colour palette in the Duni autumn range of products.
Colourful and environmentally friendly


At Halloween, you can also gain points with your adult guests with the right decoration. In particular, the fabric-like quality of the premium range of products ensures a very special atmosphere for celebrating and feeling comfortable. Without having to worry about doing the laundry, you can offer your guests fresh and clean table linens at any time.

With more than 50 years of experience, Duni is one of the preferred partners of gastronomy and the hotel business. That speaks volumes about the reliable and high-quality products made from the best materials. They reliably help you to protect your tables and your cutlery, reduce noise and easily create an inviting atmosphere. Therefore, your guests feel welcome and gladly return.

By the way, did you know that Duni offers the largest range of compostable solid colours worldwide? The napkins as well as the table linens in solid colours are not just colourful, but are also especially environmentally friendly and also save you lots of time and money. Apart from that, a number of candles from the range of products beat the Nordic Ecolabel.